Partnership for Excellence

The world-class faculty members at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) innovate, shape, and propel forward understanding of today’s rapidly changing world and the driving forces of tomorrow. The University’s Named Professorships, generously supported by donors, honor and encourage the achievements of our first-class scholars. In an era of global competition for talented academics, these distinguished titles provide vital recognition as well as additional funding to attract, foster and retain the very best minds.

HKUST is not only a university focused on science and engineering. Our Schools also encompass business and management, and humanities and social science, and our overall outlook embraces the cross-fertilization of ideas and the forging of novel insights through interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors across different fields. Our named professors are eminent international award-winners, including a Nobel Laureate; leading members of their respective fields; and dedicated teachers of the next generation.

Since the program’s launch in 2013, I am delighted to note that the number has increased substantially from a handful to close to 50. Such commitment from our donors to the University’s pioneering endeavors is an uplifting indication of a shared vision that acknowledges the transformative role of innovation and imagination for the future of Hong Kong and the world beyond.

We gratefully thank our donors. We applaud our eminent faculty. And, together, we joyously celebrate this far-sighted partnership for excellence.

Professor Nancy Y. IP, PhD, SBS, BBS, MH, JP