Can the donor choose to set up the Professorship in a particular School, Department or discipline?
The donor can designate the Named Professorship to one of the four Schools (Science, Engineering, Business and Management, and Humanities and Social Science). Preferences on specific discipline could be considered.


Can the donor designate the Named Professorship to a specific faculty member?
The University has full discretion in the identification and selection of the appointee for the Named Professorship.


How is a Named Professor appointed?  What is the duration?  Can a professor hold more than one Named Professorship concurrently?
Nomination and appointment of the Named Professor will follow strictly the established procedures of the University.  Each Named Professorship is conferred for a five-year period and may, after a review, be extended by the University; however, a professor cannot hold more than one Named Professorship concurrently.


Can the donor meet the professor who benefit from the Named Professorship?
Yes, the University organizes an inauguration ceremony for newly appointed Named Professorships to bring together donors and professors.  From time to time, events, talks or special visits would be held for donors to meet the Named Professor.


What is the meaning of perpetuity in terms of naming?  Can the donor or University request to rename the Named Professorship?
The naming for a Named Professorship at HKUST is for perpetuity, which means that it is last forever or for an indefinite period.  Renaming of a Named Professorship is possible if agreed by both donor and University.


Is there an agreement between the donor and the university?  Can the donor appoint a lawyer to prepare the agreement?
The agreement for Named Professorship between the donor and the university is prepared by the University.  It outlines details of the Named Professorship and standard procedures for appointment, funds managing, and other terms and conditions.


How many more Named Professorships does HKUST need?
Currently, HKUST has close to 50 Named Professorships and most of them have been filled.  Like many other outstanding universities worldwide, HKUST will continue to establish more Named Professorships to attract and retain the highest quality scholars as the University continues to grow.


More questions about giving to HKUST?
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